Elizabeth Friedrich Sargsyan was born in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. She has felt the desire to create since she was a child. At that time she started expressing her thoughts and emotions through drawing – especially creating comics. As a kid, Elizabeth also accepted an offer to become a host of the TV show dedicated to children’s creativity.

She received her early education at Hagop Kojoyan’s School and later at the Mesrob Mashdots University of Arts where she studied fashion design. She also received a Diploma in art and sculpture from the National Center of Aesthetics.

In the early 2000s, Elizabeth successfully launched her career as a fashion designer: she began presenting her collections at the Fashion weeks in Yerevan and opened her first boutique which, in addition, has become a significant point of the city’s social life with multiple glamorous art and fashion events held in it.

Since that time the designer has regularly held her shows in different countries and received a number of international diplomas and professional awards in the fields of art and fashion – including Honorary Membership for outstanding contribution to the Development of World League for Beauty and Fashion.

Elizabeth believes that every fashion show needs to have a theme and message — this is the tradition that she has been following for many years. A distinctive feature of her clothing collections is the uniqueness of each item. All items created by the designer are made in a single copy and accompanied by a certificate confirming their exclusivity. In the era of mass-market, when it is not so easy to stand out from the crowd, this approach is becoming more and more valuable, especially in the eyes of people who don’t like to find themselves in the same room with a person dressed in the same outfit. The uniqueness of clothing is ensured by the fact that many items are handmade, created using exclusive materials and decorative elements.

Since 2007 Elizabeth is based in Cyprus. In December 2014 she opened her first boutique in Limassol.

Since the designer has repeatedly held her own fashion shows and they always became large-scale events with performances by artists and other activities, at some point Elizabeth became seriously interested in the art of event organization. Since then she has held many major events, including in cooperation with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Cyprus-Russian Business Association (CYRUBA). For several years Elizabeth has been responsible for the entertainment program of such a beautiful event as the traditional Christmas Gala Dinner with the President of Cyprus. She also launched the Red Diamond Awards in cooperation with CYRUBA — this award is presented to the brightest women from the fields of business, art, and culture.

Elizabeth continues to successfully express herself as an artist: exhibitions of her paintings have been held in recent years in Cyprus and Jordan.

Her next project is the talk show “Crossroads” launched under the auspices of CYRUBA, where Elizabeth is an author and presenter interviewing interesting people – members of the association.


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